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Creative, Contemplative and Healing Arts
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Welcome to the Spirit Room

The Spirit Room is proud of its home at 111 Broadway in Historic Downtown Fargo. Renovated in 2002, the space had remained vacant for thirty years, a victim of urban abandonment. In 2011, the Spirit Room expanded into the building to the south where we added another gallery, the Lotus Studio, several offices and rented space to the Center for Interfaith Projects, one of our partners.

In November, 2011, we were able to acquire the third floor of 109.5 Broadway, the floor above our expanded space, and quickly rented out studio space to 24 artists, each with a window and security.

With the Renaissance of Downtown Fargo, unique and special places have appeared. We value our historic inheritance, the dignity and charm of Old Fargo, and combine these marvelous elements in celebration of our present time.

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The Elephant and the Blind Men

Once an elephant came to a small town. People had read and heard of elephants but no one in the town had ever seen one. Thus, a huge crowd gathered around the elephant, and it was an occasion for great fun, especially for the children. Five blind men also lived in that town, and consequently, they also heard about the elephant. They had never seen an elephant before, and were eager to find out about elephant.

Then, someone suggested that they could go and feel the elephant with their hands. They could then get an idea of what an elephant looked like. The five blind men went to the center of the town where all the people made room for them to touch the elephant.

Later on, they sat down and began to discuss their experiences. One blind man, who had touched the trunk of the elephant, said that the elephant must be like a thick tree branch. Another who touched the tail said the elephant probably looked like a snake or rope. The third man, who touched the leg, said the shape of the elephant must be like a pillar. The fourth man, who touched the ear, said that the elephant must be like a huge fan; while the fifth, who touched the side, said it must be like a wall.

They sat for hours and argued, each one was sure that his view was correct. Obviously, they were all correct from their own point of view, but no one was quite willing to listen to the others. Finally, they decided to go to the wise man of the village and ask him who was correct. The wise man said, "Each one of you is correct; and each one of you is wrong. Because each one of you had only touched a part of the elephant's body. Thus you only have a partial view of the animal. If you put your partial views together, you will get an idea of what an elephant looks like."

The moral of the story is that each one of us sees things exclusively within one's point of view. We should also try to understand other people's points of view. This will enable us to get a proper perspective on different situations and events.

To many, the Spirit Room is like the tale of the Elephant and the Blind Men who see only the part of the Spirit Room to which they are connected. Some say we are an art gallery, some say, "the best acoustic space in town for music." Others say we are the first and foremost yoga studio; others say, a meditation center.

Still others will say we are a non-profit that serves unmet needs in the community, such as our development of artist studios and spaces for workshops and classes. Many see us as connected to the universities and colleges with our programs which complement academic pursuits by giving students and faculty a place "out in the real world" for arts and humanities events. Others see us as a healing arts center with professionals in many fields at work in our studios.

All of this and much more is true. Please take a few minutes to browse our website to become more familiar with our wide range of programming. And remember, we are a grass- roots organization, so if your idea or inspiration fits our mission to "enrich people's lives through the development and practice of creative, contemplative and healing arts," this is the place for you.

Dawn Morgan, Executive Director
Creative, Contemplative and Healing Arts
111 Broadway,  Fargo, North Dakota click for map
(701) 237-0230
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